September          3          Labor Day-No School
                         19         September Birthday Celebration
                         26         School Hayride (9:30 am)  Children should wear comfortable clothing to school.  Parents
                                     are welcome to attend.
October            1-5         Fall Vacation-No School
                      8-12        Fall Vacation-No School (Child care is available.  Please contact the school office).
                         15         School Resumes
                         17         Picture Day (9:00 am)
                         24         Halloween Mask Parade to Crimmins Hall & Nazareth Villages (9:30 am)  Children will create
                                      their masks at school in lieu of dressing up in costumes.  There will be a Trick-or-Treat 
                                      parade to Crimmins Hall & Nazareth Village.  We request that no candy be sent in with your 
                                      child/ren.  If parents would like to send in a special snack, please let us know one week in 
                         31          October Birthday Celebration
November                       (Teachers will call all parents to schedule a time for their child's parent/teacher conference
                                      on either Nov. 19 or 20).
                         14          November Birthday Celebration
                         19          Parent/Teacher Conferences-No School (1:00-7:00 pm)
                         20          Parent/Teacher Conferences-No School (8:00 am-3:00 pm)
                    21-23          Thanksgiving Vacation-No School
                         26          School Resumes
December           5           Santa & Mrs. Claus Visit (9:15 am)
                    10-12          Orientation for Students Beginning School in January (3:30-4:30 pm)
                         12          December Birthday Celebration
                         19          Christmas Program at Crimmins Hall Banner Room (7:00 pm)
                         20          Last Day of School for 2007
                    21-28          Winter Vacation-No School
                    31               Winter Vacation-No School (Child care is available.  Please contact the school office.)
January                           (Kindergarten parents will be notified to schedule a Kindergarten Parent/Teacher 
                                      Conference on Feb. 5, 6 or 11).      
                          1          New Year's Day-No School
                       2-4          Winter Vacation-No School (Child care is available.  Please contact the school office.)
                          7          School Resumes
                         16          Picture Retakes (9:00 am)
                         21          Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday-No School
                         23          Pajama Day-Children and staff come to school dressed in their warm pajamas for a P.J.
                                       Fun Day!  Children should wear their regular school shoes (NO HOUSE SLIPPERS) as they
                                       will travel to the Annex.
                         31          Open House (6:00-8:00 pm)
February   5, 6 & 11         Kindergarten Parent/Teacher Conferences (Scheduled by appointment.)
                         13         Valentine Exchange (9:15 am)-Parents should help their child decorate a shoe box (with 
                                      removable lid) at home.  Cut a large opening on the top of the box before decorating.  This
                                      box will be used to hold valentines.  Each child should bring 50 valentines to school.  (The
                                      child's name should be written on the back of each valentine).  If parents would like to send
                                      healthy refreshments for snack, please let us know one week in advance.  THE VALENTINE
                                      BOX AND VALENTINES SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL ON FEB. 13.
                         18          Presidents' Day-No School
                         20          February Birthday Celebration
                    24-29          Montessori Education Week
                  25 & 26         Grandparent Days (9:00-10:15 am)
                         27          Non-Kindergarten Parent Visits (9:00-10:15 am)
                         28          Kindergarten Parent Visits (1:30-2:45 pm)
March                 12          March Birthday Celebration
                         19          Easter Egg Hunt (9:15 am)
                     24-28         Spring Vacation-No School
                31-Apr. 4         Spring Vacation- No School (Child care is available.  Please contact the school office.)
April                     7          School Resumes
                          23          April Birthday Celebration
                          30          Kindergarten Book-It Pizza Celebration (12:00 noon)
May                      8          Alumni Day (3:00-5:00 pm)- Alumni of our school are invited to attend an old fashioned
                                        ice cream social.
                          14          Children will plant flowers around our school.
                          16          End-of-Year Picnic (6:00 pm)
                          16          End-of-Year Program (7:00 pm)
                          21          May & June Birthday Celebration
                          26          Memorial Day-No School
                          28          Last Day for Students



Nazareth Montessori Children's Center : 161 West Drive : Nazareth, KY 40048 : Phone: (502) 348-1540